Traditional Cyprus Sandwich with Halloumi

Fry one quarter of an onion in a fry pan with two teaspoons of olive oil until slightly coloured. Take the onion from the heat and put aside. Cut 4 slices of halloumi cheese and fry in the pan with one teaspoon of olive oil accoring to your taste until golden or brown and crispy.

Open one pita bread at one side and place the halloumi slices into the pita bread and squeeze some lemon juice over the fried cheese slices. Put half tomato in slices and the onions on top of the cheese and close the pita bread.

Put the filled pita bread into a toaster and toast as usual until bread is golden brown.

Serve the traditional cyprus sandwich together with some fresh salad and a handful of black olives.

Tip: The sandwich gets much more tasty when you grill the halloumi in traditional way on open fire instead of using a fry pan.

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