Links of the week 01/11 - 01-17

  • Top 10 Sandwiches |
    One could say that we owe the very cornerstone of modern society to the sandwich. It’s the people’s food and everyone and their mother enjoys sandwiches from the hard working factory-laborer to the leaders of the world. But there have been some sandwiches that stick out as the greatest.

  • Halloumi Delight - delicious recipe! « Laurence Miall
    A recipe with halloumi which sounds very delicious.

  • Inside the Kitchen: Dark Chocolate Truffles
    I found two recipes and it is called 'Dark Chocolate Truffles'. And now, I want to share it to everyone. Below are the two recipe..Enjoy!

  • Good things: Halloumi with chilli
    Nigella Lawson: "I love grilled or fried halloumi, that squeaky, salty Polystyrene-textured cheese. Not a very seductive way of describing it maybe, but that, indeed, is what it's like..."

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